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Responsive web design is the approach that suggests that design and the development should respond to the user's behaviour and environment based on the screen size, platform and orientation.

Almost many people today find it comfortable and stay productive to search online on touch screens as they get even busier than ever. Since it becomes essential to draw the attention of potential clients to your services, a website must be fit for all devices crafted with different configurations. Our Responsive web design gives you the most desirable output and a viewing experience as it gets optimized with respect to the resolution and the aspect ratio. The design approach enables one for better readability and navigation without actually scrolling, panning or re-sizing the screen. The fluid grid concept that uses units such as percentages brings in much more and enhances your experience.

Mobile Internet has taken over the world long way ahead and particularly the Indian Market. You will be surprised to know that there are over 2.5 billion web users, worldwide, and over 60% of them use mobile phones either as a main or an additional method for accessibility online. Means 6 out of 10 adults use mobile device to access internet. Reports say that, in the year 2012 mobile traffic has been grew up by 70%. The situation thus reveals a big chance of mobile online marketers. If you want to achieve your focus on audience at anytime, anywhere, there is no better choice than to master your current web page or to get an entirely clean mobile responsive web page developed. In either of the case, PNV Infotech is one name that you can trust on for the most innovative and impressive Responsive Website Designing Services in Mumbai, India .

Business Advantages of Responsive Website Design

With a radical shift towards the use of smart phones and portable communication devices on the rise, a responsive web design serves to be simple enough for a personalized, seamless experience.

The rapid growth of mobile device and tablet uses has triggered this unique development technique called Responsive Website Design. Unlike the traditional approach, the design involves only one site suitable for its web presence across many devices. Report says that, tablet sales are expected to cross 100 million. This makes it important for those who are on the lookout for making their sites easily adaptable to different displays. The future of the organization gleams with huge traffic from compact mobiles, all from a unified design.


The use of CSS that are similar to standardized design templates along with a single design contributes towards a consistent appearance of the site. A consistency that leads to better conversions to sales as a positive impact oozes out. The functionality, performance and the consistency of the site remains unaltered regardless of on which device the user navigates the site.


A single responsive site ensures you to free yourself from worries of users to toggle between various sites and conversion paths. Google Analytics are implemented for numerous devices bearing different native resolutions. A single report would explain and allow you to easily monitor the journey of your prospective client and analyze through advanced tools.


Proper management along with a reduction of time required for the maintenance of site is feasible with these designs. Featured with a set of hypertext links, and a SEO strategy you could focus on just one site effortlessly. This strategy is cost effective and saves time as compared with costly SEO campaigns. A few set of resources are needed to improve your positioning under Google search results when it involves duplication or rephrasing of content on other domains. Once the content has been posted on one site, there are greater chances of the site to attain a higher rank.


In addition to time management with little content, the optimization of an intuitive administrative interface facilitates you to manage content through up to the minute workflow tools or even templates meant for various devices. With administrative platforms like Blaze CMS business logic can be applied for a significantly enhanced user experience.


Since the time is saved while creating this type of web design, the time for testing that is otherwise required cuts down your support, maintenance and development expenses. Since only one single design template is used, a method of testing faster can be devised.

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