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Search Engine Optimization is a process to enhance the website content quality, user experience and visual experience which helps it to rank higher in search engines.If you are willing to start your online business, then at first, you should have a well-designed website. This is the first gateway for taking your business in the world of the internet.

Step 1 – Research

  • Detailed Keyword Research (which includes competition target keywords and it’s ranking)
  • Keyword Selection and Finalization
  • Keyword Categorization and Grouping
  • Detailed Competition Analysis such as their On-Page and Off-Page strategy
  • September 2018

    Step 2 – Planning

  • Detailed On-Page Recommendation checklist such as Title, Meta Tags and URL structure for the home page, category pages, and all other important landing pages.
  • Technical On-Page Recommendations such as domain level 301 redirect, canonical, open graph implementations, custom 404 error page, web page speed, etc.
  • Content Creation and Optimization Strategy for all key pages
  • Google Structured Data Strategy: It helps to pass additional information to search engine about specific web page which triggers reviews, ratings, and price in Google SERPS
  • Long-Term Off-Page Optimization (Link Building) Strategy
  • September 2018

    Step 3 – Implementation

  • Implementation of On-Page changes and optimized content across the site
  • Coordination with concerned person to implement required On-Page Changes and other technical changes at website
  • September 2018

    Step 4 – Final Audit

  • Auditing all the required changes
  • Providing final feedback basis on the final audit of On-Page Implementations
  • September 2018

    Step 5 – Authority Building (Off-Page Optimization)

  • Executing Off-Page Optimization Strategy by building authoritative backlinks to your site from relevant places as much as possible.
  • Backlinks will be created from web 2.0 properties, blog & forum comments, web directories, classifieds, business directories or any other properties which will help to enhance website level authority.
  • September 2018

    Step 6 – Trust Stacking (Tier 2 Link Building)

  • Just building bunch of backlinks to your website will not do much until we improve trust and authority of these backlinks by building backlink to your original backlinks. In other words, we need to create level 2 backlink (tier 2) to level 1 backlinks (tier 1) which goes directly to your website.
  • Building tier 2 backlinks will help to enhance the trust of tier 1 backlinks hence tier 1 backlinks will pass more link juice (trust and authority) to your website.
  • September 2018

    Step 7 – Competition Link Spying

  • Detailed backlink analysis of top competitors
  • Finding backlink opportunities and placing your website link wherever is possible
  • September 2018

    Step 8 – Monitoring

  • Tracking of keyword ranking of all target keywords on timely basis
  • Monitoring Organic Traffic from search engines MOM
  • Keeping a close eye on competition’s new link opportunities
  • Regular enhancements in On-Page and Off-Page Optimization strategy if required
  • September 2018

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